For High Achievers

There’s a fine line where challenge meets fulfillment, and Mai Placement identifies that precise space. We have the perception needed for upper-level hires and we actively search our network to get them placed appropriately.

What is Mai?

Mai, defined as “interval”, is a Japanese martial arts term referring to the space between two people. At Mai Placement, we focus on filling high-level positions with high-level talent. Our recruiters are industry-specific, allowing for precise and individualized placements. Our recruiters are experts in fields such as healthcare, real estate, and computer science.

Meet Connie Low

Connie Low, founder of Mai Placement, has an innate ability to read between the lines and recognize unusual aptitudes. She channels those traits into clients’ career acceleration and business advancement. Connie embraces challenges, using intuition and a proven method of identifying potential to place candidates. The outcome? Hundreds of long-lasting and satisfying placements, and tens of thriving businesses.

Connie Low’s 20 years of experience working in corporate America laid the foundation for the many highly specialized placements. She was continuously approached to help high-level employees find a capacity that furthered their careers. As she began fielding requests for more placements, Mai Placement was born.

Meet Our Recruiters

Chaim Solomon

Recruiter, Specializing in Healthcare and Nonprofit

A recruiter in his own right, and with extensive experience working in the non-profit spheres, Chaim’s goal is to help anyone he can. And with a plethora of solid business advice to share, he succeeds in that mission every day. Open, honest, and highly qualified, Chaim’s matches are always spot on and satisfied.

Aviva Farkas

Recruiter, Specializing in Manufacturing and Wholesale

Working in manufacturing and industrial safety, Aviva has a type-A brain. Smart, focused, and a real straight shooter, she weighs the pros and cons of any placement with a well-balanced eye, resulting in puzzle-piece perfect placements.

Frimi Fried

Recruiter, Specializing in Medical Staffing, Medical Billing, Bookkeeping, Finance

Experienced in Medical billing and staffing, as well as bookkeeping and finance, Frimi’s strength lies in her analytical mind. When Frimi talks, people listen, and her meticulous research ensures top-notch placements every time.

Soroh Zimmerman

Recruiter, Specializing in Medical Industry

With experience in the medical industry, including many years as an optician, People gravitate to Soroh’s sunny personality. A natural people person, Soroh’s passion is for helping others, and that attitude has benefitted many happy matches to date.

Next Level Recruitment

for Next Level Positions

Currently, Mai Placement is an upper level recruiting firm, servicing key positions in all major industries. With many placements to date, they cover the gamut of all your executive and corporate employment needs. While other companies try to place anyone that comes their way, Mai Placements is specific about the clientele they serve- generating a more specialized pool of talent and a better chance for yourself or your business.

Reach out to Mai Placement to see the difference that high-level placement brings to your career, your business, and your future.